The Toronto G20 Summit of June 26-27, 2010, hosted by Stephen Harper, was an incredibly expensive undertaking that resulted in massive human rights violations against members of the public at the hands of the police. Despite this, politicians refuse to call a full public inquiry and hold police—as…

Harper to Toronto: STFU or this will happen to you too.

#AssholeCops: not just in Toronto. Just so we’re clear.

Seriously, how much more of a national embarrassment could the fucking RCMP actually be? I mean, apart from beating the shit out of women, harassing their female colleagues, pepper-spraying peaceful demonstrators, tasering immigrants to death at airports and lying about it, sitting there with their thumbs up their asses while serial killers prey on women, and now acting as hired goons for the resource industry … they’re doing a bang-up job, aren’t they.

Fuck you, you worthless sacks of shit.

In the aftermath of the shooting, responding to reasonable criticism from two high-profile individuals, the president of the Toronto Police Association disdainfully said, “Mr. (Sid) Ryan (president of the Ontario Federation of Labour) has never been a police officer and has no expertise in policing or anything related to policing.” The chief of police even asserted that Marin’s comments were “uninformed,” when Marin clearly is well-informed.

The theme of those rebukes has been repeated ad nauseam: In short, “don’t criticize me unless you’ve walked a mile in my shoes.” Their dismissive attitude shocked and infuriated many Torontonians.

Next came the revelation that a Durham Regional Police officer, using an alias, tweeted that Marin was a “leach (sic) on society” and “should stick his big french (sic) nose” up his anus. This egregious tweet has recently been discovered to have been perpetrated by an officer who contemptibly appropriated the Twitter account of a fellow officer to spew his racist venom.

Furthermore, if this protected unknown cop holds such an ignorant view of Marin, what vile opinions does he harbour towards aboriginals, blacks and Asians? And now that the offensive offender has been accurately identified, we have the pathetic spectacle of the Durham police chief pompously demanding an apology from Marin. He seems to think their belated discovery of the erroneously attributed, but more outrageous, behaviour absolves them of all sin.

The Police Association of Ontario couldn’t resist piling on: “Mr. Marin should be held accountable for his inappropriate conduct, which undermines public trust and confidence in the office of the ombudsman.”

What about the “public trust and confidence” in the constabulary of this province?

Firm civilian hand needs to rein in authoritarian police | Toronto Star

Wise words from Gordon Chong, but until someone in the provincial government grows a spine, more of the same old same old.

Any charges against these asshole cops?

Ha. From McCormack to Boothby to Fantino to Blair, nothing ever changes, no matter who the martinet on top is. A dysfunctional, militaristic, quasi-fascist organization with a culture designed to avoid accountability and protect the assholes in its midst while their buddies go blind, deaf and dumb.

Plus ca change.

Nice work, York police board.

In the OIPRD report, Charlebois admitted saying, “This ain’t Canada right now” and “there are no civil rights here,” but insisted it was just “crap talk.”

“I mean, (Figueiras is) going, ‘I have my rights, this is Canada,’ all this stuff. I’m just giving him gibber back, right?” Charlebois told investigators. “We do it all the time. Guys are talking nonsense and he got nonsense back.”

When questioned about why he put his arm around Figueiras, Charlebois said he was giving him a “hug.” He also explained that he was feeling for any “obvious” weapons in his backpack.

Arrogant fucking pig.

Some treats for the cops, via @AllenGazette.